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 Titel: [Artikel] (2012) Looking into the vampiric pregnancies
Indlæg: 31 okt 2012 18:30 

Tilmeldt: 11 sep 2010 22:27
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Looking into the vampiric pregnancies
af Hedicia Northernlight, redigeret af Julia Nadeau.

Since I found out what my condition is called and that there is a whole community of others like myself out there, I have wanted to look more into the similarities and differences about our condition. Something that I feel strongly about discussing more is our vampiric pregancies.

Since I started ‘The Vampiric Female Group, Sisters of the OVC’ group on Facebook, the vampiric pregnancies has been up for discussion more than once. I see some similarities which makes me believe we might want to look closer into this and try to find out about how our vampirism affects us. I have found very little written material about the subject, so I will try to put down in words some of my thoughts , experiences and theories on the matter.

Many of us wish to have children, as much as anyone else. Many of us seems to struggle conceiving them and many of us have also lost several, in both miscarriages and stillbirths. I have spoken to so many of my sisters, who tell me about their own miscarriages, the complications during their pregnancies and how they feel their energy needs increase during this time in their lives.

Sad stories about loosing babies, struggling to get pregnant and to keep the pregancy has been shared, cried over in my group many times over. I am proud of my sisters who have openly shared their experiences and grief. Also all the Ladies who have shared with me during personal conversations; many hours and many stories has it been since I first arrived.

I am no doctor or researcher, but I am a healtworker and a mother. At least one of my daughters shows signs of vampirism. I would like for her to have more information about her condition so she might avoid some of the problems I went through when I was younger.

Yes, we discuss and sometimes disagree about what causes our conditions. Is it hereditary, a condition of the soul, or is it a contagion? The theories are many, but we still must live in human bodies, which are affected by what we are and what we do. Could it be our vampirism also affects how we carry and conceive our children? And is it likely our children have a higher risk of developing sympthoms of certain conditions?

Our little darklings..all parents wants their children to be safe and healthy, we are no different in this, though several of us live differently than mundane families.

When I started the first thread addressing this issue in my group, I was surprised to hear how many others seems to have suffered as I have. I was told similar stories over and over,and more roll in as I continue asking others of our kind. In our Norse community it seems every one my sisters have experienced at least one miscarriage, some have also lost their babies late in the last trimesters, which is rarer than during the first.

When I compare the stories and look at the similarities, it seems to me one of the issues might be if a vampiric female is on the low side of the energy balance before getting pregnant. It also seems that the balance can affect how and if the pregancy will come to term. Personally I have experienced that it is very important to have a good energy balance in advance when you as a vampire wish to have a child; my three children was hard to carry and I was very ill every time.

My youngest child though gave me fewer complications during the pregancy than the previous two, and I believe that is because I was more aware of how my energy levels affects my health and made sure to feed regurlarly before deciding to conceive again. It seems to me that we might need to plan our pregnancies a bit more than others. We need to feed and be well balanced which needs to continue through all 9 months. Several speak of increased needs during this time, more cravings and more lethargy than most.

I am convinced this has to do with carrying a being inside you that feeds upon your own energy, and since energy is what we require, perhaps it’s not so strange that we also need more of it during our pregancies. An unplanned vampiric pregnancy seem to have a higher risk of miscarriage, and if this is the case, we need to research more on this to try prevent future complications as much as possible.

It can also seem that we share a higher risk of a few unpleasant difficulties during pregnancy, such as anemia, hyperemesis and hip problems like Sciatica. These conditions should get better once the child is born but for many vampiric females the symptoms linger and go on for years after having a child. I spent several years in a wheelchair because of this condition and 17 years later, I still struggle with it every time I’m low on energy.

Could it be possible to prevent such problems for our future females? I believe it might. We should look more into this topic and try educate ourselves along with the newly awakened as much as possible. In the meantime I will continue to write my theorie and thoughts, reaching out to vampires and their partners who desire children or who might already be pregnant. I apologize for not doing it before.

Before the reader says, “This is common advices for pregancies…”, yes, it is. But it’s also apparent from a vampire’s perspective. Not all are aware how much our energy levels may affect us and our children, though it seems we discover more and more as our community develops and grows.

So yes, these are simple suggestions, but had I known before I might have been able to keep all of my children and avoid such ordeals to get the ones I have. These are my personal suggestions, based upon my own and other people’s experiences:

1: Plan your pregnancy as much as possible. Balancing your energy levels before conception is very important.

2. Maintain good health with a healthy diet and exercise, as any good doctor would recommend. Take vitamins and folic acid as recommended by your physician. Have your iron levels checked regurlarly. Not all countries offer this for free.

3. Feed regurlarly for a good three months before getting pregnant if possible, and continue to maintain a good schedule for your feedings through the entire pregnancy. Many of us experience increased need and so might have to feed more often to compensate. For bloodfeeders it’s even more important to use sterile equipment and proper health screenings for donors. You want your little one and yourself to be safe and healthy.

5. Try to keep your surroundings as healthy as possible. Avoid huge changes in your life which could affect you negatively and steal from your energy. This is something all mothers should try for, but it seems especially important for us.

6.Many of us seems to lack the Rhesus factor in our blood for some reason, which is a topic for another time. For those of us who are and have Rhesus positive partners it is imperative to see your physician more often and test regurlarly for antibodies. This might also affect the baby after it is born so its important to know your blood type and to go for regurlar check ups during the pregnancy. Some of you may think that this as an unnecessary reminder, but remember we are vampires of all nationalities and cultures. Not all have the advantage of free healthcare, and might have to plan extra in advance to accomodate the expense.

7. Feed a little extra before the birth if possible. You will need more energy than usual and it might be harder to feed for a while after birth, as many will be isolated and cut off from their normal sources. I won’t go into the birthing process for now, because at the moment too little is known about it, but it seems several of us might need to get extra energy also during the labour.

8. Prenatal depression: It seems to me we might have a higher risk of developing this problematic condition. Several sisters speak about isolation, becoming depressed and paranoid, or finding themselves unable to feed from their regurlar sources or situations which again could make the symptoms even worse. This is a serious condition and I will strongly recommend each and every parent, fathers included, to make the family’s surroundings as stable and calm as possible. As a father you are able to provide much for your partner and help her with everyday chores so she might be able to dedicate more of her energy for herself and the baby. You may also provide her with what she needs a little more often if you should happen to be her donor. Should the mother show symptoms of depression, insomnia, excess stress or nightmares, you might want to see your healthworker or doctor. More severe signs of psycosis and or paranoia should be taken very seriously and help will be needed. There is good treament available in many countries for this condition.

9. Breastfeeding: It is well known that breastfeeding takes energy, and a vampiric mother will use much of hers to provide for her baby. Make sure your diet is healthy and you have that extra fruit and vegetable if possible; feeding more often also seems to be helping many during this demanding time of your life. Baby will benefit from your balance in energy, and so will the Daddy J

10. Enjoy your little one. For many vampires it’s not been promised they will have a child at all. Many of us, both females and males have been loners all our lives. Several struggle with finding the right partner, or donor. Or they experience difficulties of conceiving or carrying a child to full term. I know there will be several who cry inside when they read this and remember their own stories. I have reached out with my energy to each and every one of you who have lost their child or who never got pregnant at all…I know how you feel though I have been blessed myself with three wonderful children. It took a LOT to get them, and I will always grieve for the ones I’ve lost, no matter how they where concieved. I wish for this little recommendation of mine to be distributed around as much as possible, and for some help later to do a questionaire. Cos its so much we dont know yet, and can we help or save just one little darkling and mother with information it is a very good thing.

Thanks to Julia Nadeau for editing it for me.

Heidica copyright OCT 2012

Admin @ The Danish Vampire Community
Medlem @ Voices of the Vampire Community

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