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 Titel: [Artikel] (2012) The Seeds of a a Flirt ...
Indlæg: 25 maj 2012 12:38 

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The Seeds of a a Flirt (Sexual Vampirism Excert)
By Deacon Gray

There is a certain thrill in unearthing all there is about yourself as a sexual vampire that there is to know. Whether you believe in energy work, or find it all ridiculous and a flight of fancy, there are certain aspects to being a sexual vampire that, if you truly are a sexual vampire, you will eventually learn. Call them skills if you like, or gifts, or energy work, but no matter what you call them you eventually learn how to attract willing and ever eager participants.

One of the hardest things for a sexual vampire to remember is the impact their actions might have outside of their intentions. Oh we all know about the domino effect, that one small action can set into motion much great events. It is like the butterfly effect, but with us it tends to be a lot more immediate, even if we never even know it took place. What to you might seem trivial and even benign, can impact others in more significant ways.

Let us look for a moment at something as harmless as a flirt.
Picture this, you are at a club interacting with friends, people you have known for some time and you run into a friend who seems a little down, or lonely. Out of habit you interact as our kind often do, with pleasant words, with kindness, and with a little flirting. Before long the friend is greatly improved in disposition and that old familiar delight of sexual energy starts to build, just a touch of it, just a hint has no promise, directly or implied for things to go further.

You both leave for the evening going your separate ways, and perhaps you have gotten just a little snack out of the exchange. Life is good and moods are high. From this point you might never know if there was any impact of your actions, indeed there might not be any at all, but then again—there might.

You might not know that the individual you were involved with now sees you in a different light, one that could fester in the mind reminding her of how you made her feel. She might take that home to a home life that isn’t as pleasant, or that has long periods of loneliness while a truly beloved mate is away with work. A memory of your skill and strength or charm might just start a slow wedge between people, or worse it might stir a jealousy deep enough to be damaging to both.

The reality we should know, is that of course you do not have to be a sexual vampire for this to take place. This emotional escaped is about as human of a response and reaction as you can expect to find. People often take little flirts, kindness and attention to mean something it doesn’t and there certainly isn’t anything supernatural about it. So ho w much worse is it, if energy work is involved, or what I call vampiric wiles?

For devote Psi vampires and energy workers such skills are practiced, understood and well developed. Something we should all endevour to learn as sexual vampires. While they might be skilled at knowing what impact their energy might have another, many of us do it without even knowing we are doing it. Sexual vampires often find these skills are part of their nature. You use charm, because charm is how to attract people, you added energy because it is part of the cycle for a sexual vampire.

Energy cannot be destroyed, only changed. When we add energy to our charm it has a greater impact on the person who is being charmed. Of course they will not always react to that charm in positive ways, but the energy remains regardless. When they do react well to it, they take some of that energy with them, it leaves an impression perhaps just a little stronger then it normally would. BY instinct we are leaving with them a little desire to return, to be charmed again and thus surrender some of their own energy. That little piece of energy can become a seed that grows into a dangerous, or poisonous plant.

If the interactions become to frequent, and if enough energy is applied, weak spots in a relationship might come to be seen as more than they are. The donor can become more intimate; their desires growing as they seek out that familiar warmth and delight that you offered them. They will want to feed that feeling, they will want to get more and at the same time start to poison their other relationships.

Of course, as I said before, this can happen to anyone. You do not need to be a sexual vampire to accidently sow the seeds. The sexual vampire, however, needs to learn the effects of their actions, understand the possible outcomes, an understand when to back off, when to shield your energy away from that person, or make the choice to own that responsibility.

I have seen many out there who do not, indeed I don’t always pay as close of attention as I should. Some of us are at times reckless, and carefree about all of these things, but how long can such an attitude be maintained before you find the whole field has been salted? How long until you find yourself shunned, by those hurt hearts, the defensive stances of their friends, the reputation for playing with people’s emotions? All this chaos from a simple flirt, but just imagine if you took it further.

My advice is to take the time to learn energy work. Take the time to learn when it is time to shield your energy away, and perhaps take some time away. We are all human, with very human desires, hungers and needs, but when those hungers and desires become something different, like how we are different, there comes with it a little more consideration and responsibility.

http://thegraveyardpress.wordpress.com/ ... sm-excert/

Admin @ The Danish Vampire Community
Medlem @ Voices of the Vampire Community

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